Hello! And welcome to my personal website. My name is Anna Kusler and I am an early career wildlife ecologist and conservationist. Broadly, I am interested in applied ecological questions about large carnivore behavior that can be used to address conservation problems. I am particularly interested in incorporating animal movement and space use into conservation planning. For example, what factors influence the movement of animals across the landscape? How can we implement management and conservation practices that integrate such information?


At present, I am in the beginning stages of my PhD research. My dissertation is a collaboration between with Montana State University, Panthera, the Zambian Carnivore Programme (ZCP), and the Rangewide Conservation Program for Cheetah and Wild Dog (RWCP), and will examine the conservation, demography, and space use of cheetahs in the Kavango-Zambezi (KAZA) Transfrontier Conservation landscape of Southern Africa. My focus will be on the Greater Kafue Ecosystem of central Zambia, with additional work in Liuwa Plains and Sioma-Ngwezi National Parks.

Please read my Research Section for more information!

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